Violence in America

Allowing people to own guns has destroyed our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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  1. Emilee lonsmann says: Reply

    America has become addicted to its guns. It is a terrible addiction, the most costly, and it requires a massive rehab to cure

  2. Sara Gold says: Reply

    I don’t think America will ever be able to get rid of their guns. It is innately a violent country

  3. Scott says: Reply

    America has a history of violence, from kidnapping people in Africa and making them slaves to wiping out the native population. Violence is part of America’s DNA

  4. Joe Flynn says: Reply

    There is no country at peace half as violent as America

  5. Susan Debber says: Reply

    What you’re not taking into account is the violence that America is causing around the world. I believe that the two are linked: the wars we cause and the mass shooters running around in America.

  6. Joe Flynn says: Reply

    I believe that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with people having guns. The phrase starts off with, A well regulated militia. Let’s get these things out of the hands of crazies

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