Local Author Marian Stanley

I had a terrific “Local Authors with Kameel Nasr” interview with Marian Stanley. Her debut novel The Immaculate was captivating and interesting. Set right here in the Boston area, actually in a make-believe suburb called Malford, which is a combination of Malden or Medford. Marian tackles the thorny subject of the Catholic Church and power, or more rightly, abuse of power. The story takes place right before the Church’s pedophile scandal.

At the beginning of the book, an elderly nun is murdered. A former student of hers sets herself up as sleuth, running around uncovering an extensive web of corruption. The book is fast paced and well written. All the parts fit in, and there is a surprise ending, which also fits in very well with the rest of the story.

During the interview we talked about the role of religion today. Marian believes that although we currently have the wonderful Pope Francis, the Catholic Church is incapable of making meaningful change to bring it to the modern age.

This is such an interesting topic for me since my historical fiction book, Son of the Last Martyrs, is about the beginning of the Catholic Church in the fourth century, a beginning that created the enduring authoritarian male power, from which we suffer today.

This book is recommended for those who love a good New England mystery. The story is engaging and dramatic, and excellent debut novel.


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